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Al Fusco, Wellness Coordinator

Clinical Nutritionist/Therapist

Al Fusco is a wellness coordinator, working with patients promoting proper nutrition and lifestyle.  He has found with use of nutraceuticals that most individuals, particularly those taking multiple prescription drugs for chronic conditions, fare better in the long-run when those drugs can be reduced or eliminated.  He is not against prescription medication, as there are times when it is appropriate to use medication, however, the majority of chronic body problems such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, low thyroid, high blood pressure and cholesterol can be managed successfully without the use of potentially harmful drugs or unwarranted surgery – if given a chance.  He routinely works with a patient’s medical doctor, in an integrative manner, sharing test results and formulating a plan designed to adjust, if possible, their medication.

He is an analytical thinker and compassionate nutritionist that has helped thousands of patients find the answers and regain back their healthy lives.  True wellness is possible.  He has seen almost every named medical condition.  Here is just a partial list: autoimmune disease – lupus, RA, MS; cancer; HIV/AIDS; ADD/ADHD, liver and gall bladder conditions; arthritis; weight issues; hypothyroid; Hashimoto’s disease; hyperthyroid, Grave’s disease; stress; depression, anxiety; male/female hormones; gastritis/Gerd; Lyme disease; and many other health challenges.

He has practiced alternative functional therapies for over 40 years and has a passion for helping people – threating every patient as he would treat himself.  He has in-depth knowledge of and is a recognized expert in diagnosis, clinical nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplementation, herbal therapies, and weight management and exercise.  He believes that alternative ‘natural’ medicine, for most health problems, should be the logical first choice in health care. The reason being is that if dietary and lifestyle modification, along with targeted nutritional supplementation and exercise can’t handle the problem then there is always the medical option to fall back on.  This sequencing makes more sense because you can’t undo a surgery once performed or completely reverse the damage done by long-term pharmaceutical drug use.

As Fusco is a “disease detective” who will help you discover the real and underlying “why” behind your specific health challenge.  The goal with each patient is to discover the precise dietary, physiologic and/or structural imbalance – that is the root cause of their health problem.  Most medical issues are a direct result of long-term aberrations in both diet and lifestyle.  With proper identification and correction, the body will do exactly what it was designed to do – achieve vibrant and lasting health.  

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