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#1 05-22-2011

Dr. Aiello, I came in as a new patient a few days ago with buldging disks and

pinched nerves. You perscibed Gabapentin 300MG for me. The outcome has been incredible. It has relieved 90% of my nerve pain. This is the first time in three pluss years I've been able to simply take a walk. I'm not sure why it has takin this long to find someone who knows what he's doing. God bless you Dr. and thank you very much for your help!


#2  12-27-2010

Dr Aiello has been an incredible gift into my life. As an older gymnast I almost had to stop training because my knee kept twisting in my tumbling routines from an old injury. It got wrenched 8 times in fourteen months. In May 2010 I had PRP surgery and he was supportive, nurturing and answered ALL of my questions. I had a LOT of fear that I would no longer be able to compete.


I just returned to see him after seven months after my knew has been strong and not had any problems. I am returning to strengthen it even more so I can be working on double backs on floor and my back handsprings on beam. HIs support is giving me the confidence I am going to be able to break through the fear and the limits.


Dr Aiello you are incredible and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to you and your incredible team.


August 27, 2010


My name is Jerry Hilecher and I have played racquetball for the past 45 years.  I played on the professional Racquetball circuit for 17 years and was world champion in 1981 during the height of the Racquetball craze. 

Racquetball is a very physical and demanding sport that puts a great deal of torque on many different parts of our body.  Over my career, I have had back surgery, two knee surgeries in my right knee and both of my hips replaced.  About a year ago, my right knee started bothering me a bit more then just normal aches and pains and I figured at some point I would need to go in for a third knee surgery on that knee.

Other then general discomfort in that knee, at various times, the knee would seem to dislocate somewhat when doing very routine movements which were very painful.  My knee would also get quite swollen after racquetball workouts or running.

I endured the pain for a number of months and heard about PRP treatments from Dr. Aiello.

PRP seemed to be a perfect option as I really did not want to go under the knife again and really wanted to have my body do as much as possible to heal itself.

I had the PRP treatment from Dr. Aiello around 4 months ago and was told that I should experience some discomfort for a short period and start seeing results in one month.  After less than one week after the procedure, my knee started feeling a little better.  I did not play racquetball until the second week, and when I did test it out, I  had no swelling and a bit less pain.  After one month, I had no pain and no swelling both from Racquetball and running.  I also noticed that my knee no longer had that dislocated feeling at times.

PRP was a very non evasive procedure that as far as I am concerned has absolutely no downside or risk and only positive potential.

I would fully recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to enjoy relief from pain and before they commit to a surgical operation.




Jerry Hilecher

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