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Supplements are available to enhance many areas of health concern. 
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Weight Loss
General health/longevity
Prostate Health
Digestive Aids
Bone Health
Brain Function
Joint Support

Supplements/Herbs are available for many maladies.

Herbs and supplements are used for many ailments.  They can be used as anti-oxidants, immune system boosters and to enhance natural body functions, such as brain, adrenal, and bowel.  They  can be used to help treat various illnesses along with conventional medicines.  But they are at their best when used in the traditional Chinese concept of prevention.  When a person is experiencing a lack of wellness such as fatigue, depression, sickness the herbs can help but they are more effective in helping to prevent a person from getting into the state of illness in the first place.  When used in treatment they are effective but they are subtle and can take a while.  In other words, a person did not get sick overnight and the imbalances that need to be corrected cannot be corrected in one week.  The idea of maintaining physical balance is where herbs shine.  The modern human body is inundated with environmental factors that throw the body out of balance.  Improper eating, lifestyle stress, lack of sleep, and toxins such as cigarette smoking all combine to stress the balance and function of the human body.  This is where supplements do their best to help realign the body’s systems. 

For example, many people are experiencing adrenal burn out.  They are fatigued and tired and can’t get moving in the morning.  They are irritable.  This is a result of the adrenal gland functioning on its last leg, basically.  The adrenal gland makes the hormones that are responsible for the fight or flight and survival modes.  They were designed to function intermittently if being attacked by a tiger.  However, in our current society people are constantly in a survival mode with the stress from work, home, commuting, kids and finances.  This causes the adrenals to pump out adrenaline and cortisol to the extent that they no longer function well.  This gland also generates the building blocks for the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen.   We know what supplements can support and boost adrenal function.  They are best taken before burn out occurs but can be effective when fatigue has set in.  We have several adrenal supports to help with adrenal function. 

Another area where supplements can help is brain function.  The brain is an exquisite and important organ which is sensitive to blood flow and nutrients.  If it has to use nutrients that are not optimal then it creates toxins that can stay in the cells and cause harm.  Supplements for the brain help to increase blood flow, scavenge oxidative free radicals, and help metabolize neurotransmitters.  Currently, my suggestions for brain function are Co Q 10 plus lipoic acid, Fish oil, GPC(glyceryl phosphorylcholine), Methyl B12 and methyl folate and Brain Flex for brain support.  These can also help support the brain of stroke patients. 

Dr. Aiello has found that many patient complaints can not easily be addressed by prescription drugs or that patients don't want to take prescriptions.  Therefore, he offers these pharmacy grade supplements for his patients.  He has done extensive research to find the best quality products at the best price.  He specifies only the best pharmacy grade ingredients.  Below is a small list of available treatments.  Click on the supplement for an explanation.  They are available in the office if you are interested.
Symptom                                           Herb/Supplement

Do you have:                                      Then try:

Joint ache or inflammation-                        
Anxiety, nervousness, insomnia-               

PMS, menstrual irritability, trouble focusing-

Stress and Fatigue-                                       

Lack of energy or stamina-                          

Brain fatigue-                                                 

Low immune system-                                    

Lack of Libido-                                                

Need to lose weight-                                    

High Cholesterol or Lipids-                          
Hair and Nail growth problems-                 


Eczema or skin irritation-                            

Herpes outbreaks-                                       

Bad Breath-                                                   

Varicose Veins-                                             



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