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Prostate Health

Prostate Health

Men's prostates begin to enlarge after age 35.  They often become symptomatic after age 40.  The symptoms are a weaker urine stream and sometimes frequent urination.  There can also be some discomfort in the prostate area, which is between the scrotum and the rectum.  This discomfort can result from a full bladder pressing on the enlarged prostate.  Often times that discomfort is relieved after urination.

The prostate enlarges for several reasons with aging.  Prostate tissue is sensitive to dihydrotestosterone or DHT.  Prostate tissue is also sensitive to estrogen levels.  As males age, testosterone levels decrease and estrogen levels increase.  Therefore, some treatment remedies are targeted at decreasing DHT and estrogen levels. 

Medical prescription remedies for prostate therapy target two areas.  One type of therapy, using medicines such as Proscar, block the production of DHT and reduce the amount of DHT in circulation.  This will then help to reduce the size of the prostate.  This treatment, however, can take up to one year to see results.  The second type of therapy uses medication to relax the outlet of the bladder.  This allows the bladder to empty more completely therefore relieving some of the symptoms of prostate obstruction.

Herbal therapies can be used to specifically target the areas of increased DHT and increased estrogen levels and their effects on the prostate tissue.  The therapies can block the effect of DHT on the prostate tissue and decrease estrogen levels.  Patients will often see results within 2 months.

Three herbs are highly recommended for treatment of prostate enlargement.  Saw palmetto will help to block the effects of DHT on the prostate tissue.  It also possibly has an anti-inflammatory effect in the prostate gland. It might also help the prostate to clear out aging cells.  Nettle root extract will help to block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.  It also helps to block the effect of DHT on the prostate.  Pygeum also blocks effect of DHT on the prostate cells.  All of these herbs are used in Europe and have been shown to be effective in reducing prostate symptoms.  Furthermore, they work synergistically together by treating different mechanisms of action.

We now feature Prostec as an herbal supplement for prostate symptoms.  Prostec has the above herbs as well as other vitamins that are helpful for general wellness.  The link to the left has more information on what is included with Prostec.  We have it available at the office.

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