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Polycystic Ovaries

PCOS can be treated.

We want to help you resolve your PCOS symptoms by getting to the root cause.  We are experts in treating PCOS using nutritional and other natural interventions.  Please consider getting help now because the longer you wait, the more damage is done to the ovaries and a decrease in fertility occurs.

PCOS is a common endocrine and metabolic disorder presenting in as much as 10% of women of reproductive age.  Although multi-factorial, the condition frequently presents with missed menstrual periods/infertility, unwanted hair growth and acne due to excess testosterone, and disruption of proper sugar metabolism leading to obesity. There are pharmaceutical interventions for this condition, but research shows a natural approach can not only be safer, but more effective in restoring normal endocrine and metabolic function.  


There are NATURAL health solutions to PCOS! In fact, often it’s the best way to get to the CAUSE of the problem and end up in a fundamentally healthier state! Many chronic health problems, including PCOS, are the result of a complex combination of factors, including biochemical, nutritional, behavioral, and psychological factors. By identifying which factors play a role in your PCOS, we can help implement an individualized treatment plan for you. We can help you…

1)    regulate your periods

2)    enhance your fertility

3)    lose excess fat and gain more muscle

4)    enjoy increased energy on a consistent basis

5)    clear up acne

6)    decrease unwanted hair growth

7)    minimize heart disease and diabetes risk

8)    reduce need for ovarian surgery, hysterectomy, or expensive (and sometimes harmful) medication regimes 


We have a team of qualified medical professionals that are here to listen to your concerns, educate you about your condition, and help guide you to recovery. 


The following journal article found in the esteemed Alternative Medicine Review can shed some light on the subject:

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most frequently encountered endocrine

disorders occurring in women of reproductive age. Clinically, a patient usually presents

with menstrual irregularities, infertility, and hirsutism. If not treated properly, a patient is

at risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hyperestrogen-related cancers.

The hallmark endocrine disorders of this syndrome are hyperandrogenism and

hyperinsulinemia. Great controversy exists as to which state precedes the other. There

also appears to be a defect in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis in patients

presenting with polycystic ovary syndrome. Research consistently demonstrates that

the first line of treatment for this condition is weight loss. Weight loss and dietary changes

appear to affect all parameters of hormonal fluctuation. Due to the vast array of side

effects associated with many pharmaceutical agents typically prescribed to treat PCOS,

natural therapeutics including nutrient supplementation and botanicals may be a less

invasive and equally effective approach. Due to the seriousness of this syndrome when

left untreated, prompt evaluation and treatment is essential.

(Altern Med Rev 2001;6(3):272-292)


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