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Platelet Rich Plasma
Regenerative Joint treatment

100's treated.

Our Goal is to help your body heal itself and keep you out of surgery!

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy has been used for years by oral surgeons and plastic surgeons to enhance healing after doing bone grafts and face lifts.  Now, experience is showing that Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) is effective for healing injury to ligaments, tendons and joints.  The joints that can be treated are the spine, shoulders, hips, knees, etc.

When a joint is injured, the ligaments are stretched and do not heal back to their original length.  This causes a laxity in the joint which creates an instability.  This instability is responsible for the pain in the joint and other referred areas.  The laxity also causes the muscles to work harder to stabilize the joint.  This causes more pain and can fatigue the muscles causing them to spasm.

By injecting Platelet Rich Plasma in the ligaments, tendons, and joints, we muster the body's own mechanisms for healing to tighten the ligaments and create a stronger more stable joint.  This, in turn, decreases the pain experienced at the joint and surrounding areas. 

Dr. Aiello has now performed 100's of PRP treatments.  The results have been remarkable.  It is truly helping the patient's body heal itself using intrinsic growth factors.  It works for all joints including low back and all ages from 18 to over 80. 

This is the same therapy that professional athletes, such as, football players and Tiger Woods are having performed on their injured joints.  The goal is to help you heal yourself so that you will not need surgery.

This procedure is often covered by insurance!  We can check your benefits it you wich.

Cash price is $550.

Read letter by Dr. Aiello to encourage medicare to cover PRP!

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