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Dr. Joseph Aiello


We strive for Pain Resolution not just pain management

Check out the following options:

1.    Platelet Rich Plasma injections or Prolotherapy

a.     Injections used to help the body repair the unstable joints.

2.    Mesotherapy

a.     Injections to release fascial constrictions.

3.    Acupuncture

a.     Treat the Qi energy system of the body.

4.    Osteopathic Manipulation

a.     Adjustments to musculoskeletal structure.

5.    Supplements

a.     Joint solutions.

b.    Melatonin to sleep.

c.     Detoxification.

6.    7.    Diet modification

a.     High Protein, fruits and vegetables.

b.    No more hydrogenated fats or fructose corn syrup.

8.    IV’s for nutrition

a.     Vitamin IV’s

9.    Meditation

a.     Maintain good mental balance.

We now offer multiple techniques for pain relief.  They are all non surgical and designed to work together.  Since Dr. Aiello has started practice, he has offered his patients Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy.  He does this for neck, mid back, and lower back pain.  It is great treatment for strains and sprains, acute or chronic. 

However, some patients need other treatments because manipulation alone is not sufficient.  Therefore, Dr. Aiello has integrated other techniques to help patients with any type of pain. They include Platelet Rich Plasma injections, Prolotherapy injections, acupuncture, and detoxificaton.  He has had great success treating shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, neck, upper back, and lower back sprains and pain. 
Dr. Aiello was trained at UCLA in medical acupuncture and uses it primarily for neck and back pain. He has seen it work in all age groups and in all severities of pain.  He completed Prolotherapy Certification in March 2009. 

If you are experiencing pain, you need to make a appointment with Dr. Aiello for an initial evaluation and intake.  During this exam he will perform a history and physical and make recommendations regarding further care.  He has found that combination treatments, such as, Platelet Rich Plasma, Prolotherapy and acupuncture, or physical therapy are the most effective.

Take charge of your health and call the office for your initial exam and start down the path to feeling better.

Dedicated to your Health and Well Being TM

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