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Welcome to SDCIM.  

We want to help you live the life you are inspired to live!!

Our goal is to help you heal yourself. We believe your health is optimized when your mind, body, and spirit are in balance. To this end, we have many different therapies we can use to improve your health.  We will "Customize" your treatment to your individual needs.  This includes Hormone Balancing, Nutrition, and Weight Loss, etc.

We specialize in Regenerative Medicine, hormone balancing, weight loss and nutrition, Women's health, and natural therapies.

Our staff consists of Dr. Joseph Aiello, an osteopathic physician, Mari Jo Hanson, a Physician Assistant, and Al Fusco a Wellness Coach.  We work as a team in the interest of your best health.

Dr. Aiello specializes in integrating traditional and alternative medical therapies to achieve the best results to improve your health in the safest manner.  He is an expert in regenerative medicine, hormone balancing, and weight loss.

Mari Jo enjoys working with patients of all ages.  She can help with hormones and genral medicine. She has special interest in genomics and intestinal issues.

Al Fusco specializes in Wellness and looking at all the factors that go into making up a person's health, including nutrition.

We at SDCIM believe that patients have the intrinsic ability to heal and balance themselves.  We are here to help you get on the most beneficial path to a permanent and positive change in your health. 

Our process is to interview you, diagnose any issues, test to confirm, and then make recommendations.  We then follow-up to assess the results of treatments and make any adjustments needed.  We are not satisfied until you are satisfied with your health status.

Dr. Joseph Aiello

See More on the About Us page Integrative and Regenerative Medicine Clinic offering pain control, medical weight loss, and hormone rebalancing.

Currently, we accept PPO and Medicare and cash or credit card
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Stem Cell Therapy now available at SDCIM!

Wellness Coach/Nutritionist now in the office.

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Dr. Aiello has been performing and perfecting PRP therapy since 2008.  Many patients treated and all joints.

Latest News
We have started a new Diet Program with excellent results-
Ideal Protein

Dr. Aiello is using ultrasound for joint diagnosis and injection guidance.

See Dr. Aiello video on PRP

PRP interview in Beckers' Orthopedics w/Dr. Aiello

Interactive Patient Education on Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Avoid joint and back surgery with
Platelet Rich Plasma injections or Prolotherapy injections!!

We strive for pain resolution, not just pain relief.  Check out our many different modalities.

CareCredit Available to pay for PRP or HCG
We are having great success with our WEIGHT LOSS programs.
Check it out HERE.

Nutritionist on staff now!!

Watch Video on hormones

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