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General Health/Longevity
We have figured out a formula of supplements that promotes excellent general health and longevity.  It is composed of Adrenal Boost, Red Red Wine(Resveratrol), and Omni.

The combination of the three above supplements supports the body's hormones, helps extend cell life, and helps the DNA epigenome maintain a healthy status.

First, the Adrenal Boost supports the body's hormones by helping the adrenal glands to function at their optimum best.  The adrenal glands produce the building blocks of the body's hormone system.  When people are stressed, the adrenal glands are taxed to their limit and become depleted.  In our society with its multitude of stressors, the adrenals are often overworked.  The Adrenal Boost formula contains herbs and vitamins to help the adrenal glands revitalize. 

Second, red wine has been known to enhance health.  The particular chemical in red wine that does this is Resveratrol.  The supplement, Red Red Wine, is a concentrated formula of Resveratrol.  It is hypothesized that it helps to decrease cell apoptosis and maintains the telomeres in the DNA to aid in cell longevity.

Third, the epigenome which surrounds and controls DNA expression is vital to good health.  We want an optimized epigenome.  The epigenome is responsible for the expression of genes in the DNA when triggered by the environment.  Folic acid and riboflavin and vitamin B are known to positively influence the epigenome.  These are several of the components in Omni

As you can see, the combination of the above supplements enhances three separate areas of the body's health and wellness.


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