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Digestive Aids
Digestive Aids

Natural digestive aids can be beneficial for many gastric and intestinal problems.  they help when prescription medicines sometimes don't or when prescription medicines cause too many side effects.  For example, bloating is very difficult to treat.  However, I have found that using enzymes can help to prevent bloating.  As people age, their intestinal tract does not produce the enzymes needed to digest many of our rich foods.  Therefore, bloating occurs.  When adding enzymes to meals a patient can aid the digestive process and decrease bloating considerably. 

If a person has had a bout of diarrhea from infection or antibiotics acidophillus can be of benefit.  It replaces the good bacteria in the gut which can then grow and displace the harmful bacteria.

We have products to help with digestion.  They include Super Enzymes, Acidophillus, and Clean Review.  They can be viewed at the digestive aids page.

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