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Complete Health Exam
The complete health exam is the basis of maintaing good health.  It includes taking a history, physical examination, and tests taylored to the patients specific needs.

During the history, the patient is asked about past medical problems.  They go over medications with the doctor and they have can express any concerns they have about medical or emotional/mental issues.

In the physical exam, all medical systems are examined.  The doctor looks at cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, bones and joints, amoungst other systems.  He is looking for any new symptoms or changes in past medical problems.

Finally, pertinent lab and other test are performed and reviewed.  In Dr. Aiello's office, the patient has lab work done prior to the physical.  Then it can be reviewed during the exam.  If other tests are needed, many can be done in the office.  He has the ability to perform EKG, pulmonary function testing and x-rays.

As a preventive health exam, Dr.'s Aiello and Handwerger will be checking hormone levels and other markers of good health when indicated.  They can check:
Thyroid levels for                    hypothyroid
Male and female hormones for  hypogonadism and menopause
Vitamin D levels for                Osteoporosis
PSA for                                  Prostate
Cardiac CRP for                       Cardiovascular
Cholesterol levels                   Carvascular
Blood count for                       Anemia

If during the exam, it is determined that the patient needs to see a specialist, they will be referred to a specialist in East County whom Dr. Aiello has worked with for many years.  If this should happen, the specialist will stay in communication with Dr. Aiello with respect to his recommendations for future care.  You can call the office to obtain information on the specialists we use.

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