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 Stop eating Wheat!!
I now recommend to all my patients to stop eating wheat.  This is important for all people with or without medical issues.
How did this come about?  In December 2012, I was in the Anti-Aging conference during which Dr. William Davis, spoke about his book Wheat Belly. Since then, I have strongly recommended eliminating wheat and going on a gluten free diet.
The gluten in today's wheat is highly toxic and inflammatory. It is not your ancestors wheat.  It is extremely toxic and inflammatory.   I have patients with asthma, ezcema, joint pains, reflux, high cholesterol, headaches and more that have benefited from eliminating wheat.  In some, their conditions go away completely.  Not to mention the dramatic effects on improving diabetes, hypertension, and weight loss.  The best part is these improvements occur within a very short couple of weeks if wheat is completely eliminated.  We are then able to reduce or eliminate the medications people are taking.
What happened to wheat?
Wheat was genetically modified in the 50's and 60's to create a variety that grows more bushels per acre and to be pesticide resistant amongst other things.  It now has 42 chromosomes instead of 14.  When it was genetically modified, a shot gun approach was used to mutate the genome until the desired mutation occurred.  However, in the process, the gliadin part of the gluten molecule became more toxic. This is important because the gliadin molecule immitates narcotics in the brain.  It has affinity for the same receptors in the brain that narcotics do.  This matters because studies show that people who take narcotics for a prescription, eat on average, 400 calories more per day than people who don't take narcotics.
Do you see the connection?  We have a food item, wheat(that is now in everything), that mimics narcotics.  People feel euphoric on it.  They become addicted to it. And finally, it stimulates them to eat more overall.
No wonder wheat is in everything now.   And no wonder we have an epidemic of obesity and diabetes, etc.
You need to eliminate wheat and gluten from your diet.  It is important for people with any medical issues and if your are healthy, it is important for longevity.
I also highly recommend Dr. Davis' book Wheat Belly.


Slowing Aging

Today the average person is 10 years older physiologically than birth age compared to 10 years ago.

Today the average person is 10 years older physiologically than birth age compared to 10 years ago.

As people get older they experience oxidative stress. This a part of the natural aging process. Its like rusting. However, people can slow down that process or speed it up. The common causes that speed the process along are not impossible to fix.


I. People have a poor diet. It is high fat and low carbohydrate. People do not consume enough carbohydrates in the form of fruits and vegetables which contain natural antioxidants.

2. The lack of physical activity in this country is at epidemic proportions. Physical activity keeps people mentally alert and maintains muscle mass which is a key predictor to maintaining health in old age.

3. Weight gain from the above is epidemic as well. It is leading to an onslaught of metabolic syndrome.

4. Unmanaged stress causes increased and excessive production of stress hormones such as epinepherine and cortisol. These hormones assault the brain and heart functions and cause decline. At some point the decline is not reversible. Then the body develops cognitive impairment and cardiac disease.

5. Cognitive decline has worsened. As we age, the speed of our thoughts naturally slows. The above factors increase that rate.

Before I say anything about various things you can do, it is important to note that the top of the list is stopping smoking. Smoking virtually negates all of the items below that a person may try to slow aging. It is devastating to the cardiovascular system. The oxidative stress it creates is phenomenal.

How to slow the aging process:

I. Eat the best diet possible.

Eat what I call carbohydrate vitality foods. These are the colorful fruits and vegetables that have natural antioxidants. A high fat, low or no carbohydrate diet removes the best foods to eat. It will make you feel slower, mentally tired, and constipated.

Other good foods are nuts and beans. They have the good fats and make you feel full with small amounts. They are good sources of fiber along with fruits and vegetables. More food with the good fats are cold water fish. You can also add a fish oil or flax seed oil supplement. It will provide the essential fatty acids you need and DHA for the brain. When eating good fats you will be avoiding the bad fats.

Avoid any food that has hydrogenated fats or trans fats. These are toxic.

Also, avoid high fructose corn syrup. Unfortunately, this is a common sweetener in drinks and food. But it is highly toxic.

2. Increase exercise and physical activity level. The best predictor of survival after pneumonia, or getting out of a nursing home after hip surgery or living independently in your 70' s is muscle mass. The more muscle mass, the better the odds. Exercise also helps maintain cognitive function.

3. Weight loss is critical. By combining the above we can achieve weight loss. Easier said than done but critically important The metabolic syndrome has become epidemic. It is an assault on the body by its fat cells and all the toxins and inflammatory cytokines they make. The best predictor of maintaing weight loss is exercising 5 days per week.

4. Manage stress. Stress is a healthy part of our lives. It keeps us moving. It is motivational. However, when it is unmanageable, it is deadly. The body's response is as ifit were being chased by a tiger. It produces epinepherine and cortisol to make the body more alert and responsive. This is good for short term runs to escape from danger. But it is damaging when the body is constantly bombarded for months or years.

Relaxation. Exercise. Limit commitments outside of family and work. Exercise conservative money management

5. Slow cognitive decline:

Exercise the brain with active mental activities such as reading and writing. Physicial activity increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

The brain uses DHA for energy. This is a good fat.  Hydrogenated and saturated fats can slow brain function.

Eat more fruits and vegetables because the natural antioxidants are good for the brain.

Manage stress and reduce the stress hormones.


Throw it out

There are good fats and bad fats.  They can be broken down by general categories of natural occurring and modified.  The natural occurring fats are available in foods and meats.  Your body also makes them.  In fact, your body makes all of the fats you need except for 2.  These 2 are called the Essesntial Fatty acids.  They are the Omega 3 and 6 fats that are found in fish oil. 

Modified fats: So how did modified or “bad” fats come to be created.  Before the 19th century all fat was derived from natural sources.  However, in the food industry and at home, these fats would become rancid and spoil in a short time.  They are liquid fats like the oils used cook such as olive oil and canola oil.  The food industry then discovered a process to make the fats thicker and more stable at room temperature.  This process was hydrogenation.  Hydrogenation made the food it was processed with more stable and preserved but there was a price to pay. 

The price to pay: The price to pay has to do with the physiology of the cell.  Fat molecules have a head and a tail.  Natural fats(non modified) have a crooked tail.  These fats make up the cell wall.  The cell wall is the outer part of a cell which holds the insides in.  It is like the outside wall of a house.  The cell wall needs to have a certain integrity to keep the cell healthy and protect it against oxidative free radical molecules.  These free radicals are harmful to the function of the cell.  The problem with hydrogenation is it straightens the tail of the fat molecule.  This allows the fats to line up flat which makes them more stable at room temperature but when they are inserted into the cell wall, they cause a defect.  And like a house with holes in the walls, all kinds of unwanted things can get in.  This defect disrupts the integrity of the cell wall and allows damaging chemicals into the cell. 

Here are some pictures of natural fat on the left and hydrogenated fat on the right courtesy of Wikipedia.

Would you rather have liquid or sludge in your arteries?  The hydrogenated fats are thicker at room temperature.  The natural fats are thinner at room temperature.  What would you rather have in your arteries?  The idea of eating cold water fish is that these fish have a lot of Omega 3 and 6 fats to keep the blood from freezing.  It keeps their blood thin and is good for the humans as well.   The foods you eat that contain hydrogenated fats have the sludge in them.  It is not good for you.

What to throw out: You need to go through your shelves and throw out the foods that contain any hydrogenated fats.  You need to look in the ingredients.  Some of the foods are peanut butter, most bakery goods, and even pancake mixes.  Sometimes you can look in the food label under trans fats.  This is the category where the hydrogenated fats have to be identified.  But it is not accurate.  The FDA allows the food manufacturers to put a certain percent of hydrogenated fats in the food and not label it trans fat.  That is why you must look in the ingredients.

Why hydrogenated fats make people fatter: Your body requires you to eat a certain amount of essential fatty acids every day.  They are essential for immune system function, hormone production, and brain function.  When you don’t get enough of the essential fats in your diet you have problems in these areas and don’t feel well.  Now let’s say your body requires 100 units of essential fats in a day.  It will need to get those 100 units through diet and your body will require you to eat whatever it takes to get them.  If you eat fat foods that have only 20 units of essential fats per serving and the rest is “bad” fats then you will eat 5 servings of that food to get your 100 units of essential fats.  Unfortunately, in the process of eating the 5 servings, you have also eaten a lot of unnecessary fats to get the 100 units of essential fats.  This is why it is important to eat more foods with essential fats or supplement with Omega 3 and 6.

What to eat: Basically, avoid any foods with hydrogenated fats or trans fats.  You can supplement with Flax seed oil, Borage oil, or Fish oil daily.  When cooking, use canola oil, olive oil, or even butter.  Try to eat more cold water fish, chicken, nuts and dark green vegetables, such as spinach and kale.


Herbs and Supplements

Herbs and supplements are use for many ailments.  They can be used as anti-oxidants, immune system boosters and to enhance natural body functions, such as brain, adrenal, and bowel.  They  can be used to help treat various illnesses along with conventional medicines.  But they are at their best when used in the traditional Chinese concept of prevention.  When a person is experiencing a lack of wellness such as fatigue, depression, sickness the herbs can help but they are more effective in helping to prevent a person from getting into the state of illness in the first place.  When used in treatment they are effective but they are subtle and can take a while.  In other words, a person did not get sick overnight and the imbalances that need to be corrected cannot be corrected in one week.  The idea of maintaining physical balance is where herbs shine.  The modern human body is inundated with environmental factors that throw the body out of balance.  Improper eating, lifestyle stress, lack of sleep, and toxins such as cigarette smoking all combine to stress the balance and function of the human body.  This is where supplements do their best to help realign the body’s systems. 

For example, many people are experiencing adrenal burn out.  They are fatigued and tired and can’t get moving in the morning.  They are irritable.  This is a result of the adrenal gland functioning on its last leg.  Basically, it is depleted.  The adrenal gland makes the hormones that are responsible for the fight or flight and survival modes.  They were designed to function intermittently if being attacked by a tiger.  However, in our current society people are constantly in a survival mode with the stress from work, home, commuting, kids and finances.  This causes the adrenals to pump out adrenaline and cortisol to the extent that they no longer function well and become depleted.  This gland also generates the building blocks for the sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen.   We know what supplements can support and boost adrenal function.  They are best taken before burn out occurs but can be effective when fatigue has set in.  If you are fatigued and "burned out" it is recommended that you get blood work to find out if you are depleted in hormones such testerone, DHEA, or the female hormones.  These blood tests will help set a guide to start hormone replacement with prescriptions or supplements. 

Another area where supplements can help is brain function.  The brain is an exquisite and important organ which is sensitive to blood flow and nutrients.  If it has to use nutrients that are not optimal then it creates toxins that can stay in the cells and cause harm.  Supplements for the brain help to increase blood flow, scavenge oxidative free radicals, and help metabolize neurotransmitters.  Currently, my suggestions for brain function are Co Q 10 plus lipoic acid, Fish oil, GPC(glyceryl phosphorylcholine), and Brain Flex for brain support.  These can also help support the brain of stroke patients.


Estrogen Replacement for women.


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