Joseph Aiello, D.O.
Mari jo Hanson, P.A.

San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine

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Dr. Aiello performs acupuncture for pain relief.  He learned it in 2001 through the UCLA continuing education department.  He treats musculoskeletal complaints, such as, neck, upper back, and lower back strains.

The theory of Chinese medicine is that the energy(Chi) of the body circulates through 3 major meridians over 24 hours.  When there is pain in a part of the body or dysfunction of an organ, it is because the energy is blocked from flowing through that area or organ.  Acupuncture is used to push the energy through the blockages. 

Acupuncture consists of placing focusing needles at the site of blockage, such as, on the lower back and then placing the remaining needles along the meridians to push the energy through the blockage.  It generally takes up to 6 treatments, once a week to achieve results.

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